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3 Cours


Selva Maya: aspectos legales e institucionales para la conservación/Maya Forest : legal and institutional aspects of conservation


Este curso tiene por objeto fortalecer las capacidades de actores estratégicos y tomadores de decisiones de los tres países para impulsar la cooperación internacional en diversos temas relacionados con la conservación de los recursos naturales y culturales de la Selva Maya.

This course aims to strengthen the capacities of strategic actors and decision-makers of the three countries to promote international cooperation on various issues related to the conservation of natural and cultural resources of the Maya Forest.


Wildlife Crime: Legal and Institutional Aspects

In this course, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of poaching and illegal wildlife trade, its widespread consequences on biodiversity and legal implications, from the perspectives of supply and demand. The course will cover the role of international agreements in addressing illegal wildlife trade and provide case law analysis from three illegal wildlife trade ‘hotspots’, Cameroon, the Republic of Congo and China.